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Conophytum Literature

Hammer, S. (1998 -91) Conophytum, an annotated checklist.

                        A-C Bradleya 6: 101-120.

                        D-K Bradleya 7: 41-62.

                        L-R  Bradleya 8: 52-84.

                        S-Z  Bradleya 9: 105-128.

Hammer, S. (1993) The Genus Conophytum, a Conograph. Succulent Plant Publications, Pretoria.

Hammer, S. et al (2002) Dumpling and his Wife, New Views of the Genus Conophytum. EAE Creative Colour, Norwich.

    Unfortunately, one needs all these publications to be able to get a complete picture of the genus.

Author in Japanese characters! (1995) Conophytum Handbook Cultivated in Japan. Japan Conophytum Society.

     A nice picture book depicting multiple forms of the same species and at least the species names are in Latin!

Society for Mesemb Enthusiasts

Mesemb Study Group, http://www.mesemb.org

        Four bulletins per year and an excellent seed distribution.

South African Bulb Literature

Duncan, G. D. (2000) Grow Bulbs, Kirstenbosch Gardening Series. National Botanical Institute, Cape Town.

        Cheap but useful cultivation guide written from the Cape Town perspective.

Duncan, G. D. (1988) The Lachenalia Handbook. Annals of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens vol. 17. National Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.

Duncan, G. (2012) The Genus Lachenalia. Kew Publishing, London

        A thick and very comprehensive book with quite a few name changes.

Duncan, D. (2002) Grow Nerines, Kirstenbosch Gardening Series. National Botanical Institute, Cape Town.

Du Plessis, N. & Duncan, G. (1989) Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa. Tafelberg Publishers, Cape Town.

        Beautiful paintings but now difficult to obtain.

Goldblatt, P. (1986) The Moraeas of Southern Africa. Annals of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens vol. 14. National Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.

Goldblatt, P. & Manning, J. (1998) Gladiolus in Southern Africa. Fernwood Press, Vlaeberg RSA.

Goldblatt, P. (1972) A Revision of the Genera Lapeirousia and Anomatheca in the Winter Rainfall region of South Africa. Contributions from the Bolus Herbarium No.4. University of Cape Town.

Goldblatt, P. & Manning, J.C. (2007) A Revision of the southern African genus Babiana. Strelitzia 18, SANBI, Pretoria.

Manning, J. Goldblatt, P. & Snijman, D. (2002) The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs. Timber Press, Portland & Cambridge.

        The definitive book on the bulbs of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Reid, C and Allen Dyer, R. (1984) A Review of the Southern African Species of Cyrtanthus. The American Plant Life Society.

Snijman, D. (1984) A Revision of the Genus Haemanthus. J. South African Bot., Supplementary volume 12. National Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.

Snijman, D. A. (1994) Systematics of Hessea, Strumaria and Carpolyza. Contributions from the Bolus Herbarium No. 16. University of Cape Town.

Duncan, G., Jeppe, B. & Voigt, L. (2016) The Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa. Umdaus Press

         A wonderful and comprehensive book that has been over 30 years in the making. Each taxon is illustrated with a watercolour painting.

de Vos, M. P. (1983) Syringodea, Romulea. Flora of Southern Africa vol. 7, part 2, fascicle 2. Botanical Research Institute, RSA.

de Vos, M. P. & Goldblatt, P. (1999) Ixia, Dierama, Tritonia, Crocosmia, Duthiastrum, Chasmanthe, Devia & Sparaxis. Flora of Southern Africa vol 7, part 2, fascicle 1. National Botanical Institute, Pretoria.

Societies for South African Bulb Enthusiasts

The Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa, P.O. Box 12265, N1 City 7463, South Africa. http://www.safricanbulbs.org.za

        One bulletin per year plus occasional newsletters.

The Southern African Bulb Group, E-mail me with snail-mail address for further details terry@smale1.demon.co.uk or check out the web site at www.sabg.tk

        Very informal UK-based group that has two meetings per year in halls or members' gardens plus E-mail newsletters. More information:

Some Other Suppliers

Silverhill Seeds, Cape Town. http://www.silverhillseeds.co.za

        A large selection of all sorts of South African seeds including bulbs and succulents; also a useful book list.

Summerfield's Indigenous Bulbs & Seed, P.O. Box 5150 Helderberg, Somerset West 7135, South Africa

        Specialist in S.A. bulbs, selling seeds and seedling bulbs, many with locality data.

Mesa Garden, P.O. Box 72, Belen, New Mexico 87002, U.S.A. http://www.mesagarden.com/

        Many seeds of Conophytum and other succulents of all sorts.

Steven Hammer, 845 Mason Road, Vista, California 92084, U.S.A. Or he can be found on the Cactus Mall

        If you live in the U.S.A. this is a more convenient source than me for Conophytum plants.


A good source for new and second-hand books of the type listed above is Keith Larkin of Keith's Plant Books (www.keithsplantbooks.co.uk)

The Cactus Mall

The Cactus Mall at http://www.cactus-mall.com gives you access to many other succulent web resources.