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My Email address is working OK but Jennifer's is not at the moment. If you wish to mail her, would you please use my Email address.

Starting in 1965, I have put together an extensive collection of succulent plants and bulbs and having ceased to be a research scientist, now have the time to propagate some of these and produce surplus material for distribution to other enthusiasts. My particular interest is in South African plants, with the succulent genus Conophytum being the big favourite, followed closely by Haworthia and Gasteria. Among the bulbs, I have a penchant for Lachenalia, the Massonia group, Haemanthus and Strumaria. Visitors may view my collection that is located in Surrey, England, but this can only be strictly via a prior appointment.

I only have a tiny back-garden nursery and most of the spare plants on the lists are available in very limited quantities, so please do not order more than two of any item. Plants of many species are available in too small a quantity to list, so please E-mail if there is anything in particular that you are seeking. Most plants have been propagated by myself and the plants are fully in phase with the northern hemisphere seasons. The average age of plants on offer is 2 - 4 years which in many cases means that they are flowering size. I cannot provide Phytosanitary Certificates or CITES documentation, therefore plants can only be sent with confidence to destinations within the European Community. If you are outside of the EC, please check your local regulations before ordering. I am sorry, but I do not send plants to China - the potential market there now is just too massive for my small-scale propagation efforts.


You will find a small list of succulents for sale posted on this site, but it is now impossible for me to list any conophytums. I just get deluged with orders that I can't fulfil, mainly from the far east. Any selling of mesembs will now be just to regular customers and I expect to snail mail or Email you with a new list in late August or September.

I have decided to reduce the amount of propagation that I carry out and I have only done small seed-sowings during the last two winters. As a consequence I only expect to isssue one more comprehensive list of conos in 2016, with just small numbers of species being made available after that. So my list this autumn could be your last opportunity to acquire some of the species after which there will be a shortage of conos for sale in the UK and exhorbitant EBay prices could prevail.

I managed to find time to take a few more photographs last autumn. I have now placed some of these in the Photo Gallery in the "Conophytum" and "Other Hyacinthaceae" sections. There are now images of 145 Conophytum taxa in the Gallery so not very many more to go. These pictures have all been taken of plants in my collection.

Many of the names used for Lachenalia and Polyxena (now lumped into Lachenalia) in my photo gallery have now changed as a result of the publication of Graham Duncan's magnum opus "The Genus Lachenalia". This a monster work that incorporates Graham's observations on the genus made over the last 30 years or so and is a must for everyone interested in the genus. The only downside is it's price.

Page updated 20 September 2016